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I have decided I lothe the Monday Night Home trainer sessions. Bring on daylight savings so we can return to the Time Trial Course!

I am shattered today, shattered.


Recovery week gone missing

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Well recovery week has come and gone, and to be honest I don’t feel all that recovered. I feel like i missed all the benefits. Yes, training was down in intensity and duration, yet i still feel pretty beat up and not all that ready to start it all again tomorrow for Monday night’s home trainer session. I had a massage on Friday for the first time in ages, which obviously helped, but i think the fact that I haven’t had one for a while meant i didn’t come up as well as I would have hoped from that.

Add in my umpiring appointment from today’s football match which was played in pretty ordinary conditions on an extremely heavy ground has left my legs feeling really heavy. It was probably the hardest game i have had to umpire in years, given the condition, the nature of the game and the way in which the two teams went about it. So it didn’t just leave me physically fatigued but also mentally too.

Only two weeks left of football for this season though, and I am looking forward to seeing whether my season continues on for another week or hopefully two. I’ll find out Tuesday night at training.

Time to sleep, tomorrow the next three hard weeks begin again.


Free Steak

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Always place bets with Dom Aungles, it’s like taking candy from a baby. Today it won me a free steak and beer at the Kingston Pub.

Cheers Dom!


Phone + Broadband and comments

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Well I am finally ‘connected’ again. I re-packaged my mobile phone service with a new phone, the same call charges and caps, but with the inclusion of wireless broadband. So after a nearly 3 month hiatius I finally have some internet access outside the office again. So I’ll have even more time for boring posts like this.

I also was asked why I have comments disabled on the blog. It is to stop the amout of SPAM that finds it’s way into the comments and my email. However, in the sake of free speech I have decided to open up comments on a trial basis and see how the spam goes. Enjoy


Smashing Pizza (or not)

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You know it must be recovery week when the body doesn’t need as much fuel as it does when you are training. Last night the regular Wednesday Morning Gallop Syndicate crew couldn’t even finish the regular amount of pizza we usually destroy at Debacle. I’m leaning towards blaming the WMGS personal nutritionist who decided that salad was better then pizza. You know who you are! Disappointed!


Recovery week

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It’s finally here. A week to savour and enjoy. Of course one has to do something instead training. So tonight instead of smashing our legs at the indoor trainer session, we’ll be smashing pizzas at Debacle. Now that’s training. If it’s good enough for Michael Phelps, it’s good enough for us.

It’s also perfect timing with finals in the AFL Canberra competition beginning this week. Meaning that if i am selected for a game this week, i should be pretty rested and ready to go.


Wednesday is truly hump day

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Another Wednesday has come and gone. More now than ever Wednesday fells like it is the hardest day of the week. I feel that once i have gotten Wednesday out of the way the bulk of the week is over. I think this is because we only have one session in the pool on Thursdays and then Fridays are a rest day. It’s also that Wednesday’s are killing me at the moment. At the moment it’s my biggest training day with a ride in the morning of minimum 3 hours, and then a running session in the evening. Speaking of the running it is amazing how many laps you can cut of the grounds around Old Parliament House without getting bored. Last night’s session totalled 17.5k

Man i am tired now!


Things looking up…

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Last night was a step forward. It was the best i have felt in the pool for ages. It wasn’t the longest session i have ever done, but it is one of the longest i have done recently (3300m) and it felt good. I’m actually beginning to think I might be able to do this Ironman thing.


4 Week Cycle

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Our training at the Tridents revolves around a 4 week cycle. Training increases in intensity and duration during weeks 1 to 3, so that our biggest training week is week 3. When in the middle of one of these cycles, by the time week 3 commences you know you’re in for a big week, and you are hanging out for week 4 - Adaptation week as the coach likes to officially term it, but better known around the traps as recovery week. In ‘recovery week’ we get Monday and Wednesday Nights off and volume at the other sessions is reduced.

After last night’s session I am hanging out for Monday and the beginning of recovery week. This is the most I’ve ever wanted recovery week. It also coincides perfectly with a week off in the football before finals begin. Bring on recovery week I need some sleep.



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When ever I start to close in on the 100m freestyle world record that Sullivan fella who broke it off with Stephanie Rice, has to go and lower it again. Looks like it’s back to the pool for me.

I guess that’s why I’m simply a tryathlete and not a Olympic Champion Swimmer.

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